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I’m so happy with my results. My lips were uneven on the top and she has filled them out perfectly.


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I’ll be back to NYC just to see my girl

Never felt like such a babe in my hole life

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The best thing that happened

in NYC is finding

The woman performs miracles

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Please post that on your insta story because people need to know how good you are:

You’re a magican. I had paid only one day and it wasn’t that bad.
The second day I got scared on how much I was swollen but you told me it would and thet it was normal. I barely had bruises the day you’ve done the procedure and I was waiting to see if it would come the following days but we are the 5th day and don’t have any more bruises, the 2 little bruises I had are already almost gone and we can barely see them. I really have to look for them to see them! my lips look already normal and beautiful!
Merci Olga you really are the best !

(Hide my name)

Ahhhh you are the best !!!! Thank you so much :):):)

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Have you ever found something or someone so good that you just wanted to keep your yourself?

That’s how I feel about .. but I’ll share

I searched long and hard for a nurse injector to fit my needs. There’s a lot of good ones out there and choosing a nurse injector that’s right for you is super important, just like finding the perfect brow artist.

I can not say anything but amazing words for her. If you’re looking to get injections I highly recommend checking her out. She is the first person to touch my face and will be the last. She has brought her Russian techniques to us and you will be absolutely amazed.

Cheekbones, jaw, & chin all in courtesy of – give her a follow!

I had to share because someone this talented with an eye for beauty like her deserves all the recognition.

Thank you Olga for being so sweet & for being the best at what you do! I hope for so much success for you 🙂

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